How Did the Recession Completely Avoid Office Rampage Killings?

Free magazine story pitch for you! Remember how back in the Olden Times (like the 80s and 90s), when people (okay, men, mostly) would get laid off from their jobs, they’d go back in the office and shoot everyone? Not, like, every time. But enough that it became a trope in movies, like The Rapture, the best movie in the history of cinema. But there’s only been three or four in the U.S. in the last decade or so — while the layoff corporate culture has increased, and then unemployment soared. (The most recent non-military event of this type seems to be the 2010 incident at Hartford Distributors in Connecticut.) How did America’s HR consultants keep every single office in America from having a shoot-up during the recession? It seems remarkable! And improbable! Particularly if you have met any of these HR layoff specialists. (Or was it just the installation of office metal detectors? Or American ennui? I dunno!) Please let me know when you publish a 8000-word magazine article about this.