Facebook IPO the "equivalent of a must-see Super Bowl Sunday showdown"!

“Facebook’s debut is not just a market event. For the millions of Americans who have no intention of ever buying or selling a share of Facebook (although the mutual funds in their 401(k) may have other thoughts), the trading on Friday is the the [sic] equivalent of a must-see Super Bowl Sunday showdown for people who don’t ordinarily watch a football game,” opines the New York Times. It’s “a pop culture spectacle”! I sure wish they’d said “spectacular.” So basically, the Facebook IPO is “The Hills” but with more money. It’s so important that we watch the manipulation of a market and a company’s share price! Meanwhile, everyone’s got a list of things that you should know. Will you stay glued to the computer-TV from 9:30 a.m. till 11, when real trading will commence? Or will you be too busy sharing pictures of your cats? Let us know on your Facebook!!!