Your Copy Editor Hates Your Book Adapted from Your Twitter

“I am currently copyediting my second Twitter-to-book manuscript in a month. It is a trend I find [Darth Vader voice] disturbing…. The one I’m wrestling with now is incredibly whatever-the-real-opposite-of-clever-is. I won’t give the Twitter feed’s name here, since I don’t want to be an über-douche about it, but seriously, it’s not good…. Some guy who works in television as a writer on a popular sitcom keeps a Twitter feed where he and a few friends enjoy retweeting others’ posts that are at once self-aggrandizing and self-deprecating, in which it’s obvious that the main thrust is the self-aggrandizing part and therefore the tweeters are shown to be kind of d-bags…. Any ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ fans out there? It’s kind of like that, but it’s just one guy talking back to Twitter, in book form. And not funny. Like, hardly ever.”
 — Rough day at the copy desk. (via)