Yes, Let's Let the Rich People Go Space-Mining, It'll End Well for Everyone

Today at 1:30 p.m., don’t forget to tune into the livecast of the announcement by Planetary Resources about how rich people are going to blow up some space crap in the hunt for platinum and palladium. With the backing of the likes of Larry Page and Eric Schmidt of Google, this seems like a good time to get out of the Google system entirely, you know? We already gave them ownership of all our data, and the relationship between your Gmail and now the annexation of space for mining is seriously some Total Recall prologue. In fact basically all of the movies have warned us about what happens next. We are totally going to end up in an Ellen Ripley situation if we all work for The Company. (Except they gave the Weyland-Yutani company an even more menacing name here in real life: Planetary Resources? Jesus.) There are going to be terrible space robots and space slaves and, yes, space lawyers. (Soon enough: space prostitutes.) Hard to believe we’re going to go out like this.