The Rent Is Too Damn Hilarious

Last night on Court Street I overheard a man and a pregnant lady bemoan the bazillion hours they’ve spent looking for something decent to buy in Brooklyn (at least, in white people Brooklyn). They just can’t give up their Manhattan place until they find that magical Brooklyn apartment!

They will be waiting a while. Or perhaps they’ll panic when the deadline of their second baby comes, and just buy something cruddy. But it’s not any better for renters, according to this week’s figures from the hilariously named RentJuice (ew). The average rent in the East Village is $3,859, now almost exactly tied with the average rent in Park Slope, at $3,547. Who knew!

Here’s the real price point we never thought would come: the average rent in Greenpoint is now $3,424. The first quarter of 2012 has Greenpoint up 10% over the last quarter of 2011. WHAT A WORLD.