The Highly Enjoyable Keith Olbermann Lawsuit

I finally read the Olbermann filing against his former employer, Current TV, because it’s Friday and I needed a laugh. (PDF.) It’s pretty dramatic and overly aggrieved and not that damning, but then all he’s claiming is that contracts were breached; it’s not like anyone punched him. On the plus side, at least Olbermann is represented by real lawyers — Patricia Glaser (who did well for Conan!) and litigator Jill Basinger. Among Olbermann’s complaints: Olbermann was treated as if he was hired to be a puppet! Not literally, I guess, or this would be a much better read.

Also, let’s translate this:

“Olbermann’s boss said that he was sick of going through Olbermann’s staff of managers, lawyers and agents to, like, get anything done at work.” Ah, gotcha.

Why bother suing anyone? I’m sure everybody’s somewhat right in this one! It sucked, everyone hated each other, everyone was a real dick about everything: we’ve all had that job! (Or that employee!) Just walk away. Get a life. Take your millions, whatever. Buy a new car.

I also particularly enjoyed the section of Olbermann’s filing where he trashed this Daily Beast Newsweek story. He called it fiction, basically. The Daily Beast should definitely sue him for disparagement!

And this just in: Current sues back. Enjoy!