How to "Double-Delete" Your Email, by Major Book Publishers/Defendants

I may never stop laughing. Here is some advice for how to accomplish price-fixing, which we have learned here in US v. Apple et al (PDF), the lawsuit filed by the Department of Justice against ebook sellers for conspiracy to fix prices with Apple, so as to undermine Amazon. (Fun fact: the defendants in the case account for a full half of Amazon’s ebook revenue.)

“Double-deletion” of email is the apparently common practice of deleting an email in your inbox, then deleting it again in your trash. It also largely doesn’t work.

Also, “pro tip”: it really helps if you don’t keep emails about double-deleting your emails in each others’ inboxes.

In any event, a number of the defendants have already settled, and I look forward to receiving refunds on all the ebooks I bought from them through Apple for $14.99. Oh right, I didn’t buy any of them. Because I generally don’t pay more for things than I have to, because, capitalism/selfishness.