Are You Turning Against Pat Kiernan?

The constant politicking for a better job. The Times Thursday Styles profile. Paying the highest price ever in Williamsburg for a house (an unattractive house!) on Bedford Avenue. It’s the kind of exposure that begs for backlash and, according to my inbox, NY1 hero Pat Kiernan is getting the backlash now. (Personally there’s only room in my heart for one Canadian broadcaster, and that’s CBC’s New York correspondent David Common. Have you seen David Common? PICTURED HERE. That’s not Pat Kiernan! Come to where the (maple) flavor is.) The backlash against Kiernan mostly revolves around the fact that if any of us campaigned relentlessly for months in public for a better job at a bigger employer, we’d be invited to depart our jobs.

And yet, this backlash could probably crumple in a second. Pat is ours. If anyone’s mean to him, we’ll come rushing to his defense. And we just have to remember his charms, and that this will pass. There’s a good chance Kelly Ripa & company will snub him, and he’ll remain ours. And he’ll be OURS FOREVER, and we can always enjoy the pleasure of his wacky company. I mean….

I need a DJ for a rooftop party in May. Any affordable recos? I wanted a Neil Diamond impersonator but that didn’t work out.

— Pat Kiernan (@patkiernan) April 25, 2012