17 Better Names for the Color of the New NYC Taxi Cabs than "Apple Green"

1. Guss’ Pickles green

2. Coney Island Mermaid Festival green

3. Joe Namath green

4. Mark Green green

5. Bowling Green green

6. Goldman Sachs bonus green

7. Sally Jessy Raphael Show green room green

8. Escaped Bronx Zoo pit viper green

9. Hydroponic delivery service jewel box green

10. Statue of Liberty/Bigotry green

11. Kermit the Frog muppet singing sad, post-ironic song about city’s cultural decline green

12. Staten Island Ferry seasick green

13. Increasingly bad allergy seasons green

14. Imminent alien invasion green

15. The latest new flavor in the bewildering array of mouthwash available at Duane Reade green

16. Lena Dunham envy green

17. Alligator in the subways green