It's the Lowest Moment Yet for Michael Bloomberg

Oh, the constant see-sawing of Michael Bloomberg from hero to villain! Remember how we were loving him again just last month when he made that big old matching donation to Planned Parenthood? Well, a lot has changed in a month.

• The hand-holding visit to Goldman Sachs, followed by the trip to Shake Shack with Goldman co-CEO Lloyd Blankfein, in the wake of the resignation-by-op-ed of Greg Smith? That went over quite poorly. Dude: you already held their hand, in the form of tens of millions of dollars in concessions. Also, the City even gave them the address of 200 West Street, which should have been 201 West Street, just because they wanted it. How hard you wanna squeeze that sweaty hand?

• The City’s decision to prevent people from donating food to government-run homeless shelters and programs is going over extremely poorly. Which is reasonable, since that’s nanny-stateism gone amok.

• And what’s been pretty seriously under-covered is this past weekend’s amazing outburst of out-of-control NYPD tactics on Occupy Wall Street.

“If they get too close, just hit them,” is what a reporter heard cops tell each other at Saturday’s demonstration and march — right before cops broke a window with someone’s head.

73, or 76 people were arrested on Saturday. Three of them now have felony charges — including the time-honored “pushing an officer.”

And even before that, there was the bizarre arrest of Kira Moyer-Sims and two others, for unclear reasons, but as part of NYPD surveillance: “police officers or detectives have been posted outside buildings where private meetings were taking place, have visited the homes of organizers and have questioned protesters arrested on minor charges.” (And Mark Adams! “a 32-year-old engineer from Virginia, said he was arrested in November at an Occupy Wall Street protest in Midtown and was questioned by a police detective and an agent from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who asked about his involvement with Occupy Wall Street, requested his e-mail address and inquired whether he had ever been to Yemen or met anyone connected to Al Qaeda.”)

Meanwhile, recent arrestees had their bail set based on whether they submitted to biometric scanning.

This is all a bad look for the mayor, at best — but it’s not actually about appearances. This is about him showing how he wants the City run.

Could be worse though! Never forget! New York City could be in Georgia.