It's So Nice Out!

You may be tempted, particularly with the lovely spell of weather we’ll have over the next few days, to believe that everything is going to work out. That, not only have you gotten away with it, you’ve deserved to get away with it. I understand. Warm temperatures, the coming of spring, the slight hope that maybe the economy is turning around, the idea that after a certain point things can’t get any worse and thus must get better: these are all reasons for optimism. Do not be fooled. No one ever gets away with it, we deserve nothing, the weather will grow cold again, whatever recovery we have will be tepid and illusory and followed by a disaster similar to the previous one since the entire thing is some kind of shell game that we have decided we won’t even bother to regulate, things can always be worse, and everything you manage to do is merely a temporary — and useless — distraction from the reality that you’re on a grim and pitiless march toward death. Still, we set the clocks forward this weekend, making your mornings a little brighter. So I guess there’s that.

Photo by Charley Lhasa, via Flickr.