Former LAPD Detective Names Biggie's Killer

“Wardell ‘Poochie’ Fouse was paid to kill Biggie. At the time, he was a 36-year old member of the Mob Piru Bloods. According to several Death Row insiders and FBI informants, Poochie was a down-for-the-cause, hardcore gang member. Confidential sources from the Death Row entourage, the Mob Pirus, and [Suge’s girlfriend, identified in Kading’s book by the alias “Theresa Swann”], said Poochie had done shootings for Suge in the past. Reggie Wright Jr. — who was the head of Death Row security — said Suge and Poochie’s relationship was different than other members of the gang. They had a very secretive and exclusive relationship. [Suge’s girlfriend] and Poochie agreed to terms. He received two payments, one for $9000 and one for $4000. Poochie lay in wait outside the Petersen Automotive Museum. As soon as he became aware of where Biggie was sitting in his car, he drove up and he shot him.”
 — Wow! On the fifteenth anniversary of the murder of Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace, Former LAPD detective Greg Kading tells Complex’s Rob Kenner that the long-cold case has in fact been solved. (Well: “They’re considered solved internally.”) And that Death Row Records founder Suge Knight was indeed behind it. But that because the killer has himself since been killed, and the only other co-conspirator has been granted immunity for her testimony, the crime will never be prosecuted. This now goes towards to the top of the list of believable theories.