Expect A Load of Crap, Basically

“No longer just a book, “What To Expect” is a full-fledged cottage industry, with a series of offshoot guides, from What To Expect: The First Year and What To Expect: The Toddler Years to the head-scratching What To Expect Before You’re Expecting. (Just, like, in general.) There are also “What To Expect” picture books for children, including What To Expect at Preschool and the must-read What To Expect When You Use the Potty. (I won’t give it away.)”
— Allison Benedikt describes what to expect from the fearmongering, hugely popular series of guides to being scared of your body. This review will make you LOL, except if you’re pregnant don’t laugh too hard because YOU AND YOUR BABY MIGHT DIE!