32 YouTube Comments Inspired by Bobby Goldsboro's "Honey"

by Sarah Marshall

• ahhh 1968..the ‘good innocent part’ I was 10 years old, and when me and my friends heard it for the first time, we cried…her going ‘away’ meant she was dying

• I loved this song when ot firtlst came out. I’ve lovedbit ever since. I could never list er n to it WI Rt hout balling befote it was half through. Apparently I still cant. thank you

• the first time i heard this song, my cat had just died and it came on the tv and just shook me. i love this song. i cry everytime

• My favorite cousin from Killen, Texas, Pricilla Landess, was buried recently. Why? Because she had a “DIRTY DOCTOR” who prescribed her Zanex. I also miss her terribly more and more each day. I wish our president would put each and every single DIRTY DOCTOR in prison with a 45 million dollar bail amount. I guess that will never happen because DIRTY DOCTORS cut down our planet’s over-population problems…

• I love this song but is sad.

• This was one of my grandmother’s favourite songs. She passed away a week ago tomorrow, and her funeral is tomorrow. I remembered this song out of the blue on Sunday and started to sob uncontrollably, but I know right about now, my grandma and Honey are in heaven and she’s laughing at me for being a cry-baby. She would always say, Crying? bring a bucket quick. lol.

Granny I miss you, and ‘m being good. And I’d love to be with you if only I could.


• Thank You Mr. Bobby Goldsboro, for this perfect song to my Mommy, I was 4yrs. Old when she passed, and am now 48, I still MISS Her EVERY DAY of My Life. Your song only makes me feel her absence more, but still reminds me that I once had her, being the babiest of 10 that was left without her. A BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL,befiting song to ALL those that have passed. THANK YOU SIR for SONG ABOUT MY WONDERFUL N BEAUTIFUL LOVING MOMMY, And GOD BLESS U SIR, AND MY MOMMY (ZOILA)!

• Is this “No Country for Old Men: The Musical”?

• Sad memories and mixed emotions are ragging in my head as i’m listening to this song.This song was a fav of mine n my highschool honey. senior yr was loads of fun til her family abruptly moved across country. I joined the military after highschool n was sent to the jungle of hell to find someone named charlie, came home without my soul to find out I was’nt welcome home. went to find my highschool honey n was told in the spring of 1971 she went away, sadly she took her life..freedom is not free.

• back in the 70s there was a company in nj that was selling bobby goldsboro wigs for men.

• i always said i would play this lovely song at my wifes funeral.just she not my wife no more …


• I lost my Honey 7 yrs ago to Cancer while I sat there and Held her hand.
4 yrs ago I met a new woman in my life but there’s still that Void. it’s hard when your with someone for 20yrs and raise twin girls. they shouldn’t have had to bury they’re mother at 17.
 — Brotherant53

@Brotherant53 My sincere condolences too. My guess Is used the Illuminati fda doctors that use chemo poison Instead of The Bob Beck Protocol and Food Grade 35% Hydrogen Peroxide even In 1934 A Man name Royal Rife was curing cancer but some greedy business men & fda put and end to It. Now time to get Internet dating service but these Women taught by false Prophets only want a tall rich man.

• I am sorry, but all I remember about this song is Al Bundy calling this a “musical sphincter-lock” on Married…With Children. So, I had to see what the fuss was about.

• I can’t listen to this song without thinking of my little dog, Mr. Dinkles. He died five years ago this week. I love you Mr. Dinkles.

• Honey is sucha whore.

• When I was a kid I loved this song. Still brings a rush of nostalgia. But as an adult I now see that the lyrics are very condescending toward women. The narrator didn’t treat his wife well — was rather cruel and patronizing. She tripped and almost hurt herself & he laughed ‘till he cried? He makes fun of her when she plants a tree & when she gets emotional watching movies. Sounds like his grief at her loss is actually feelings of guilt for not being there for her, when she was sick or depressed — strawberryseason

Stawberry, you really missed with your comment. Obviously you weren’t listening close enough. This song is about the love he had for her. He’s just remembering her and her funny ways. Maybe your too young to get it.. Listen to it again Honey! Its a great song. Really takes me back. Loved it 35+ years ago, still do!

• I grew up listening to this music every friday while my parents got drunker then hell, but this music always relaxed me and helped me sleep. Very powerful song I can tell you.

• i missed up wih chris i love her for the rest of my life i messed up xx

• I will never forget that moment I was leaving the old Kyrlon paint factory in Norristown where I had put a aplication in for a job as I crossed the old industrial railroad tracks it came on on my favorite old station wibg radio 99 and as I said before I pulled over and listened and even cried it was such a great song., Thanks for your nice note. It is a moment frozen in time for me as long as I live. I had a beautiful green 2 door 1963 chevy Bel Air stick on the colume back then.

• i wish i had hair like his

• The most gag-inducing, revolting pop song of all time! And more than tinged with apparently unconscious sexism. Barf, barf, barf! Not a bad voice, though quite nasally-adolescent sounding, but then so many pop singers are. A treacly purgative. Right up there with Paul Anka’s “Having My Baby”. Auggh! — URLy2Rise

@URLy2Rise Why did you listen to it you heartless bastard. I guess you have never lost anyone you loved if you are able to love?

• your not a man if you dont shed tears during this song.

• Thirty years ago, I found my grandfather in the kitchen, late at night, sitting at the end of the table drinking his cup of coffee, listening to this song, word by word while nodding and agreeing to each word. Tears were running down his face. I stood there watching him unnoticed. Then he began to sing along. And when the part came to say “Honey”, he sang my Grandmother’s name — Lily. Though he never showed me love, that moment broke my heart. I learned to love him from that moment on…

• anyone know if he is dead

• If you dislike this song..You have no heart..or just a LOSER!!!!!

• I am seventy something now, but when love leaves you, whether it is by death or someone you love just gets tired of you and moves on, it is devastating, just devastating. I am still grieving over Patti Smith, though I have not even seen her in thirty years. She is all I have thought of for these thirty years, but I know that she has not thought of me more than once, briefly.

• its true me and my grand mon plated a tree and now she going and the tree stillis there and i ride my bike ,rudy hernandez milwaukee wi

• song is about a woman who plants a tree and dies a few years later

• Thanks for posting this. For another sad-sweet-lost-love song check out Rammstein’s “Ohne Dich”. (even if you don’t speak German it’ll make you cry)

• Justin Beiber version1?

Sarah Marshall is a student in the MFA program at Portland State University, where she also edits The Portland Review. She may or may not occasionally cry while listening to Linda Ronstadt’s “Heart Like a Wheel.”