Things That Actually Exist: Comedy Podcasts by Something Called "Women"

If perhaps you were intrigued by the idea of podcasts by comedians but you aren’t interested in living in a male-only world, as Paul Brownfield, the author of this past weekend’s Times mag piece on podcasts by comedians does, here are a few things for you to explore!

• In the print version of the magazine, but not online, How Was Your Week?, by Awl pal Julie Klausner, got tied for his final pick. That’s… nice that it got a mention! It’s very good. Perhaps you will enjoy, if you can stand the fact that Julie doesn’t have a penis.

• There is also the podcast of Ronna and Beverly, who are barren harridans.

Throwing Shade, with Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson: they talk about lady and gay stuff! But that’s so marginal, so be careful if you listen.

You Had To Be There, with Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer, which happens in Sara’s apartment, so you know it’s all “domestic” (probably about oven-cleaning techniques?).

• There is Elizabeth Laime’s Totally Laime Podcast, which is about advanced tatting and needlepoint.

• There is also Who Charted?, with another man-woman team, which is about the pop culture that is popular (but probably dumb).

Surely there are more? Tell us about them!