The Dirty Secret of Intellectual Berlin

Przemek Pyszczek: Do you want to know the Berlin art world’s dirty little secret?

Butt Magazine: Yeah, of course I do.

P: Everyone’s obsessed with reality TV. Everyone’s watching ‘Project Runway’.

Travis Larusson: ‘Housewives’… Like e-ver-y-one.

P: We try to avoid ‘The Real Housewives of OC’ and ‘Miami’ ’cause those are busted. Like seriously. Here there’s ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ with Heidi Klum screaming, ‘Schlampe!’

T: Which means slut in German.

P: And, ‘Schnell, schnell!’ Faster, faster! Germans think she’s the ultimate ho. When she speaks German apparently she sounds like the biggest trashbag.

— And now you know: Berlin’s not all arguments about the impact of Gerhard Richter and “the remaking of private space.” (Link not totally safe for work but not like, nakedness on-click.)