Romney Shocker: Rich Man Stays at Decent Hotels!

Here are the shocking revelations about where Mitt Romney slept in January while campaigning, according to the fine people at Think Progress, who themselves sleep in biodegradable hovels. Uh, the Empire Hotel doesn’t even make the list of the best hotels (or most expensive hotels!) in New York. And there’s basically nowhere else to stay in Palm Beach except the Breakers. Even I’ve stayed at the Omni Parker House in Boston! This is one of those topics on which the media is not equipped to advise us. All hotels look expensive to the LIBERAL MEDIA.

The campaign also spent $60 on a Best Western in Arizona, by the way. And a bunch of rooms at a Courtyard Marriott in Bethesda! The Embassy Suites in Memphis and Des Moines! (Also: $9.52 at a Burger King in Miami. And $11 at a Chipotle in Denver!) And, way more interesting: why is the campaign spending so much with Go Daddy (looks like thousands of dollars), and racking up so much expense in “bank fees” to American Express? Looks like someone’s letting the poor people handle the banking too.