Liberal Organization Has Liberal Agenda!

Part one of The Daily Caller’s hit series on Media Matters for America went up last night. They accuse the progressive and political 501(c)(4) organization of declaring a war on Fox News! (The war on Fox News was described by Media Matters CEO, David Brock, as a “war on Fox.”) So yes, part one here reveals that Media Matters seeks to discredit right-wing talking heads, which is its actual, published agenda, and that it claims the scalps of the likes of Don Imus and Lou Dobbs. Elsewhere, you can already learn on Wikipedia that LIBERALS like Hillary Clinton and Jon Podesta were “openly involved” in Media Matters from day one.

All this coming from a publication with a sidebar devoted to the writings of Ann Coulter is… well, kind of fun. Though it’s hard when you’re writing a take-down to avoid fluff like this: “But at times there has seemed to be a kind of mind meld between the Obama political team and Media Matters.” That’s a discredit to their own super-fun reporting. (It’s also hilarious that they make a big deal out of David Brock’s assistant carrying a “a holstered and concealed Glock handgun.” Hey, carry rights are a right-wing tenet! That groups have been suing D.C. about for years now!) Otherwise, they’ve got anonymous staffers saying that Brock is “viciously mean,” that they thought he was doing drugs, and that he “definitely does not like ugly people.” We will withhold judgment for the further parts in the series, when they bring out the smoking gun of… whatever gun is smoking. So far, sounds like a terrible place to work! An actively and openly partisan organization, run by a loudmouth kook. At least Brock doesn’t wear bowties.