"Fatal Feline Attraction": Slaves to Cats

As we unhappily knew and noted way back in mid-2010, it is extremely worrisome to live with cats, because they are trying to infect us with a parasite that changes our behavior. And here is a new substantial review of the lastest thinking on Toxoplasma gondii and human behavior. If you have ever been near a cat, it’ll FREAK YOU OUT, at first. Everybody run! Cats are in control of our minds! (And here, try this on for size: “infected men like the smell of cat pee.”) But then… it’s possible that those of us who have been infected by our cats have an evolutionary advantage? And it might not be that bad? And also, really, we can’t even blame the cats: most people who do get it, which isn’t everyone at all, won’t get Toxoplasma from cats, but from meat, vegetables or drinking water. VEGETABLES ARE CONTROLLING OUR MINDS. QUICK, PANIC FASTER.