Celebrate Leap Day With Kevin Kline's Magnificent Chest Hair

So everyone grew up watching the 1983 film of Gilbert and Sullivan’s operetta The Pirates of Penzance repeatedly, and had their budding brains shaped by it, and gets its songs stuck in their heads on a scarily regular basis, right? Thought so! If not, it is on YouTube in its entirety and Leap Day is a major plot point (something something, the protagonist must do something by age 20, but he was born on Leap Day so he’s actually only five, see above). It stars Angela Lansbury and Linda Ronstadt in addition to Kevin Kline at the peak of his ridiculous oddball hotness. Seriously, give me 1983 Kevin Kline over the charisma-less smooth-chested supposed sex gods of our era anyday. (Are people seriously attracted to Ryan Gosling? What on earth is that Non-threatening Boys Magazine nonsense about?)