The Hero of the Iowa Caucuses

If you were watching C-SPAN last night for the Iowa caucuses, as you should have been, but likely were not, you missed a very brief appearance by an American hero. I can’t yet find video of it, and it seems it was only noted by a friend and by one lone Livejournaler, but in essence, some punky-looking kiddo got the microphone at a caucus meeting and made a plea for Newt Gingrich: “Even though he has been married three times, he is a strong defender of marriage. He still stays in touch with most of his kids.” Ha! Then he got booed loudly by the caucus and stormed off, yelling “I don’t have to take this anymore!” And then C-SPAN cut immediately back to the boring stuff. Politics! Anyway, in the end, Mittens Romney and Rick Santorum emerged virtually tied in Iowa, which, LOL, “enjoy,” and also none of this means anything, maybe go read a book until June.