Sixteen Songs About Seabirds

Huh.Thanks to global warming, and the resultant increase in oceanic wind speeds, seabirds are flying faster than they’ve ever flown before. They’re healthier — gaining weight and wingspan and everything — because of it. Man, if this had happened 40 years ago, Jonathan Livingston Seagull would never even have had to be written! But it was. And they made a movie, and Neil Diamond made the soundtrack. Lots of other songs have been written about seabirds, though. There’s something about them that makes us feel lonely and wistful, I think, the way they soar for so long on the wind over the empty expanse of the sea. So out of reach. Oh, and the whole wearing an albatross on your neck thing, too. Anyway, lots of the songs are pretty great. Here are sixteen of them (well, fourteen, and two cover versions) to listen to on a Friday afternoon.