Make Easy Money with E-Book Publishing, Ask Me How

Luke Ethan’s author page listed four works with titles like My Step Mom Loves Me and OMG My Step-Brother in Bisexual [sic], and it doesn’t appear he wrote any of them. Maria Cruz had 19 ebooks and two paperbacks, all of which were created by other authors and republished without their consent, while her typo-addled alter ego Mariz Cruz was hawking Wicked Desire: Steamy bondage picture volume 1…. A highly prolific scribe with the pen name Boston Fiction Writer, whose story, “Boston Halloween Massacre” had been transposed into an ebook titled Massacre on Halloween and sold under Robin Scott’s name, threatened to hurt the person who stole her work, “even more than they hurt me, so that they’d think twice about stealing another story from me. I dare say, she’d have no more fingers left to steal anyone’s stories, ever again.”

— It’s hard out there for a literary pimp.