So Occupy Wall Street Won

With 5,478 documented arrests in fewer than three months, with New York City voters, in essence, actually liking Occupy Wall Street protestors better than the mayor, with dingbat Time declaring this the year of the protester, it’s safe to say the battle for hearts and minds is won. Okay, yay, we won! So… what now?

Well, one good thing to know is that the Tea Party routine is a failure. Getting big money to back candidates to go to D.C. either results in morons being moronic or results in just putting more greedy cats on the greedy gravy train. It doesn’t create change; it reaffirms the status quo. So we don’t have to do that!

What’s really handy is that right now the national press goes local. Starting this week, reporters are all decamped to Iowa; now they’re on the trail for the next eleven months. (Suckers!) Why, it’s like dozens of extremely expensive and reporter-surrounded candidates are having public press events ripe for the plucking every day for the whole next year! What an utterly convenient moment for a decentralized activist community to be wanting to take part in the national conversation!