Newts Dancing

“His demons have been dancing across the national stage for nearly two decades, since he emerged on Capitol Hill as the tantrum-prone enfant terrible of the mid-1990s Republican revolution. They’ve done the jitterbug, tango and gavotte, and at this late date can’t have too many new moves left or much more leg to show.”
 — Frank Bruni says that the public’s familiarity with New Gingrich will play to his favor in his primary race against boring ol’ Mitt Romney. As scary as this is (and, man, look at the face on that female newt after she chases off an unwanted dance partner in her fishtank), I think Bruni’s right that it is actually better for people who would rather not have a Republican president. I am one of those people, and I think boring ol’ Mitt Romney would have a better chance of beating Obama. Also, here’s the Pointer Sisters.