"Mission Impossible": I Don't Understand How Tall Everyone Is

Paula Patton is 5’4″ (allegedly).

Jeremy Renner is allegedly 5’10” but last time I lit his cigarette I had to bend down. (That’s what… she said?)

Tom Cruise is tall enough to kick this dude in the collarbone, though not without pants-strain.

Jeremy Renner is taller than Paula Patton.

Pretty much.

Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg are the same height as Paula Patton in, presumably, heels.

Paula Patton is taller than Simon Pegg in very tall heels.

Jeremy Renner is taller than Simon Pegg. (The Internet also says Simon Pegg is 5’10” but no one believes that. (Pegg seen here with Samuli Edelmann, who is no taller than 5’10”.))

Tom Cruise and Jeremy Renner are the same height.

Ving Rhames is six feet tall.

Simon Pegg is taller than Tom Cruise.

Or is he.

Tom Cruise is taller than Simon Pegg.

Katie Holmes is taller than everyone.