Early Oscar Season Smells Like Barf

What are you going to see at the movies this weekend (if you’re not being held all weekend by the LAPD for exercising your First Amendment rights): the one with the dude with the giant schlong or the movie about the girl who gets paid to be unconscious while old dudes fondle her? USA! USA! Or have you seen Melancholia yet? Apart from the first five minutes, which are A+, and maybe the next 45, which are sinisterly hilarious, it’s pretty much like these nine things, which include but are not limited to “overdosing on cement mix and diet tonic water” and “listening to a radio play that was originally written in Swedish, then translated into German, and finally into English. In the dark. With a stranger who won’t stop weeping and touching your leg. In a room that smells like cigars.” Meanwhile, about an hour ago, people emerged from today’s critics’ screening of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo (But With Extra Rape And In English This Time) and you probably didn’t. Someday! Like growing up swishy, December gets better as it merrily rows along. Stay strong! Tinker Tailor Soldier See You Next Weekend I Guess!