Crumpets Are Kind Of Terrifying When You Think About It

“I have a problem with holes in general. The other day I saw a group of straws pointing upwards at work and I was terrified. I also hate Crunchies because the honeycomb looks like a great big group of holes. But my biggest fear has always been crumpets. I can’t explain why. My first memory them was when I was about five. My mum had made them for breakfast and when she plonked them down in front of me I just started screaming. The worst thing about it was that she kept chasing me around the house trying to make me eat them. She thought I was being naughty and didn’t understand how scared I was.”
— Trypophoiba sufferer Stefani Ingamells tells her terrible tale to the Daily Mail. Ingamells bravely confronted her fear long enough to pose for the photo here, which really needs to be seen to be believed.

Photo by Richard Griffin, via Shutterstock