Quelle Chris, "Another Blunt"

Herman Cain’s chief of staff Mark Block has made a new campaign ad.

Just kidding. Actually, that’s a new video from Detroit rapper and producer Quelle Chris, whose album Shotgun & Sleek Rifle comes out next week. The first single from album, “Symbolic (Basquiat)” came out a few weeks ago. And it’s good, but not as good as its B-side, “Shotguns” (sort of a title track to the album, I guess) which features Chris’s friend and frequent collaborator Danny Brown and long-toiling Long Island MC Roc Marciano.

Now that’s the kind of hip-hop that can put the “united” back in “United States of America.”

Come to think of it, Mark Block and Herman Cain could both qualify for ego trip’s excellent “People Who Don’t Rap But Have Rapper Names” series. They could be a duo, like Mobb Deep, whose wonderfully titled EP Black Cocaine is due out November 25 (“Black Friday”). It has a great cover, too.

Black cocaine, it turns out, is a real thing.