Let's Stop Pretending Herman Cain's a Real Thing

It’s astounding that this is lingering as a news cycle as long as it has already, but can we all just agree to now ignore Herman Cain? Every election cycle some alleged front-runner dominates the news — welcomed by the candidates who’ll be the real front-runners once there’s actually primaries and stuff. Then this person gets pilloried and there’s a “miraculous fall” or explosion or petering-out or whatever, and then we can get down to the real business. The point being that no one can stay front and in the center in the news that long without burning America’s attention span right out. And the news cycle sure doesn’t care who’s getting the attention as long as someone is. But the actual politicians who’ll really be running for president, and their financial backers, they totally do. They’re counting on it. Good job, Herman Cain! Your work is nearly done!