Kate Bush, "Misty"


The claymation video for this two-minute segment of the new Kate Bush song “Misty” is surprisingly realistic. The song, which is 13 minutes long on Bush’s new album, 50 Words for Snow, is sung from the perspective of a woman who falls in love with a snowman. The love is doomed, of course, as all love is, by death. (As no. 1 Kate Bush fan Big Boi said recently to Awl pal Doree Shafrir, her new music “is just very somber and very chill.”) And it is sad, in the video, the melting, which would indeed happen if a person hugged all up on a snowman under the covers. It’s sad just like real life is sad. But the most realistic part is in the beginning, when Bush wakes up in the middle of the night to find to find that a snowman has climbed into her bed. She does a great double-take, which, yes, again, one would.