I Can Not Believe That Story About Pig Wings In Today's Dining Section

“Appert’s gets the fibulas from a plant in Sioux City, Iowa, that separates them from the rest of the shank and cuts some of them into two-ounce portions, using a saw developed by Mr. File. Appert’s workers tumble 2,000-pound batches in a paddle mixer that helps force a marinade of water, salt and ‘natural pork flavorings’ into the meat.”
 — Articles about the production processes behind our proud nation’s suicidal dietary habits are always fascinating and disgusting. And oftentimes, also, confusingly appetizing. Barbecued “pig wings” sound delicious to me. (Especially the kind with blue cheese in Chicago. Yum! Wait, no, yuck! No, yum!) But the most confounding thing about John T. Edge’s reporting about them in today’s Dining section is that he somehow got through it without making a “when pigs fly” joke.