Today Is A Good Day To Revisit The Idea Of Rewilding North America

“’Rewilding’ — bringing elephants, cheetahs, and lions out of captivity to run free in parts of North America — could help save these megafauna from global extinction. More important, it would restore to the continent biological functions lost millenniums ago. The big guys would help stop the march of the pests and weeds — rats and dandelions — that will otherwise take over the landscape. And they would promote the natural processes that generate biodiversity.”
 — Today is a good day to revisit the interesting idea that Josh Donlan wrote about six years ago: to populate the North American plains with African megafauna. Here’s hoping the Siberian tiger is not one of the animals that have been shot by the Zanesville police so far, and that it makes it to the 250 miles to the Canadian border. (Without killing and eating any humans, of course.)