Reuters Trolls for Traffic With Soros' Occupy Wall Street Non-Connection

Is #soros cash behind #ows protests? We took a look and here’s what we found @michellenichols @reuters #occupywallstThu Oct 13 14:29:47 via TweetDeck

Mark Egan

This amazing piece of trolling by Mark Egan and Michelle Nichols at Reuters has set the world on fire with the news that George Soros is the sole financial backer of Occupy Wall Street! Oh except he isn’t. (He granted cash to an organization that then made small grants to Adbusters, a publication of which Soros had never heard, and which was one of the organizing groups behind Occupy Wall Street.) But good job, shady mega-trolls, from your headline (“Who’s behind the Wall St. protests?”) to the whole rest of it (“there has been much speculation….”). Mark Egan really went the extra mile on Twitter: “Here’s what we found”? What you found is a handily shareable non-connection between the right’s favorite lefty bogeyman and an independent protest movement. Kudos go to Reuters editor Claudia Parsons for really juicing it up. Gross job, everyone!