Gays Brought Terribly Low by Heterosexual Newspaper's Makeovers

Finally, someone tells gay men what to wear! Not just any someone, but my one true fashion love, Cathy Horyn. Yet the results… well, the results here, where the Times has helped three gay male couples dress for their weddings, or for their anticipated weddings (couldn’t find three couples getting married SOON???), some things that concerned me.

• “’I’ve only been to one gay wedding,’ Mr. Bruno said as he was being prepped for his portrait with Mr. Ruales. ‘The couple wore dark suits with white button-downs, no ties.’” THEY DID??? AND YOU STILL TALK TO THEM?

• “Of all the outfits, Bruce was perhaps most excited by a pair of dove gray suits from Calvin Klein, which will be available at Men’s Wearhouse and tuxedo rental shops.” [*cries*]

• “’Until there are more examples — the gay beach wedding, the serious Four Seasons wedding — it’s hard to know what to market,’ said Michael Kors, who wed his partner, Lance LePere, on a beach in the Hamptons, with Mr. Kors in his customary black T-shirt and white jeans and Mr. LePere in a chambray shirt and chinos.” There is no gay wedding “market” and if there is it won’t be emanating from the boutiques of Michael Kors, home of the worst belts in the western world.

This is just not how I pictured gay wedding makeovers. Gay people are better than straight people. This dragging of them by their hair down into the straight bargain torture basement is really upsetting!