Egypt's "Enemies of the Revolution"

Here’s a phrase you never, ever want to hear from the person in charge of a country, in this case Egypt’s interim prime minister Essam Sharaf, appointed by the governing military council: “The only beneficiary of these events and acts of violence are the enemies of the January revolution and the enemies of the Egyptian people, both Muslim and Christian.”

Whenever a state declares someone or something an “enemy of the revolution,” your best possible outcome is indefinite detentions and disappearances. (History says that the other choices down that road are often worse.)

A demonstration initially about the destruction of a Copt church was joined by others, frustrated about the role of the Army running Egypt; the protesters were pelted by rocks and then brutally attacked by the Army. Here’s an account of the attack on the demonstration, which concludes with the lies broadcast on state TV. Elections are allegedly, supposedly scheduled to occur on November 28th.