Things to Buy at the Monaco Boat Show

We are a little obsessed with yachts, simply because they are floating piles of burning f-you money, the most astounding sort of consumption. When “Eclipse” was completed in 2009, everyone said, “wow, that’s a big boat!” But then earlier this year, we noted that two even bigger boats were being built in Germany (including “Topaz” and another) and, oh no! Now it’s time for the Monaco Yacht Show. MORE BIG BOATS. Get ready, the Times reports: “Sales of superyachts correlate directly with the rising number of billionaires in the world.” Who would have thunk? Still, turns out they took a hit in the first dip of the recession: “Although the financial crisis reduced purchases of sailing cruisers in the 24-meter-plus category more than 20 percent, to 34 in both 2009 and last year from 44 in 2007, ‘this segment remains strong.’” Yes sure, whatever, but even better news: virtual tours of yachts at Monaco! Try “H20ME.” IT’S FOR SALE. €14,500,000! Just consider what you’d do with it. Sell it to save Greece? Drive it into a cliff in an act of scorn? Just sit on its upper deck and think about how lonely you are and how empty your soul is? Maybe so.