The Turntable iPhone App is Exceptional

For once, what all the tech blogs say is true! The Turntable iPhone app is out and it’s gooood. Not that many people at all use Turntable, it’s strange to say, but it’s a really smart company that’s built a great product and is trying to keep it on the up-and-up.

To login, you just need a Facebook friend that’s logged in. (I’ll be your friend!) Turntable’s at its best, secretly, when you use it as a radio. Five people competing to entertain you in the genre of music you like best? Uh, what’s not to love?

People who “DJ” in Turntable say it’s a little tricky to manage the queue interface, but why would you bother to do that from your iPhone anyway? Now we have reinvented the portable radio. (But better!)