NYPD Parade Booty-Dancing Scandal (Is Good For America)

The latest non-scandal that will not be catching on is “NYPD CAUGHT BOOTY-DANCING” — at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, over Labor Day Weekend. (Or as World Star Hip Hop put it, “Daggering on the Parkway,” LOL.) The best is the Post describing the videos: “The women then back up into the officers’ crotches and rub their buttocks up against them as the cops grind in return, gleefully waving their arms in the air.” (The Post confirms “an investigation,” which, again, I say LOL.) I’m sorry, white people, have you ever been outside? I personally performed this move as recently as Saturday. Have you ever been to a wedding where this dance move isn’t executed??? And if you watch that video, you see a bunch of people laughing their heads off and high-fiving — you can see grandmas and kids alike cracking up. This is the probably the most friendly interaction white cops and some ladies from St. Lucia have had in Brooklyn all summer. (Also, officers: it is time to take those Livestrong bracelets off! It is 2011! Lance Armstrong has retired twice since those came out!) Media Takeout at least makes a good point: “This is the SAME parade where police SHOT AND KILLED one man . . . and they RACIALLY PROFILED and FORCIBLY detained a Black legislator.” Sure, sure, but apart from that, everyone had a good time! Except the killjoy New York Post.