Katie Price: Winning the Self-Publishing Game

I do not have the rights to reproduce this stunning, amazing photo of one Katie Price (formerly known as “Jordan,” she is a model, novelist, UK reality star and, uh, “footballer enthusiast”) wearing a swimsuit emblazoned with the cover of her own magazine about herself whilst holding that magazine in one hand whilst standing before a backdrop splattered in covers of that same magazine. My point is: ANDY WARHOL WOULD DIE. If he hadn’t, you know, unfairly beaten us all to the grave. The reviews of the magazine are in from The Sun: “It’s glossy and full of shite.” (It also contains recipes however: “Cauliflower cheese: I buy it readymade but stick it in a dish then put it in the oven to warm through.” It also costs £3.99. And it’s not even a Kindle Single!)