Joe Scarborough Loves America in Song, Makes 9/11 Skin Flick

“As art tends to require the passage of time, it could also be that Scarborough’s song is just the first in a series of more reflective cultural examinations of the last 10 years. Such works cannot change the last decade, cannot bring back brave soldiers, but they can offer hope that the years will bring greater understanding. As Scarborough concludes: ‘At the end of the hour / When I’m drained of all power / I still find the reason to believe.’”
 — UH, TV TALKING HEAD JOE SCARBOROUGH WROTE A 9/11 SONG. (He used to be a lawyer in a band, you know, back in the day.) And THEN the Huffington Post gave it the most purple write-up of all time: “The catchy tune and Americana visuals can’t hide the searing lyrics as Scarborough laments the bloodshed of the last 10 years.” Oh my God, it’s like a Kodak commercial of faux Americana but with disaster porn and then ostensibly, barely, gently anti-war? So hard to tell!