What Will London Become?

London should check in with Rudy Giuliani on how to crack down on criminals.Thu Aug 11 12:47:18 via web

Newt Gingrich

Today, London is tearing itself apart again — in Parliament, where they are talking, essentially, about how to reconfigure society. Prime Minister David Cameron would like, among other things, the ability to assess whether the state has the “right to stop people communicating via these websites and services.” You know: by using, like, PHONES and stuff. Meanwhile, a man has been charged with “riot incitement” for his Facebook messages. My favorite bit of his speech: “Cameron said he would encourage people to shop their neighbours if they have mysteriously acquired a new plasma TV screen.” (Yes: “shop” is “English” for “narc.”)

And yes, why not, Newt Gingrich? Giuliani Partners already had a $4.3 million contract with Mexico City and another with Citgo Petroleum, AKA Hugo Chavez’s oil company. (And see also: New York City, 1998, as Giuliani began bleeding millions in settlements for victims of his law and order.) So you know he knows the ins and outs of helping to form a restrictive state.