The NYPD Runs Secret COINTELPRO Programs for All Brown People

Who runs the NYPD’s secret terror investigation unit? NO ONE KNOWS. They won’t tell you! But how does finding terror among us work? It’s easy!

They came up with a makeshift solution. They dispatched more officers to Pakistani neighborhoods and, according to one former police official directly involved in the effort, instructed them to look for reasons to stop cars: speeding, broken tail lights, running stop signs, whatever. The traffic stop gave police an opportunity to search for outstanding warrants or look for suspicious behavior. An arrest could be the leverage the police needed to persuade someone to become an informant.

NEAT. Also: “The program was modeled in part on how Israeli authorities operate in the West Bank.” That’s just what we needed, a secret police force spying on citizens, it always ends so well. You really should read this.