Should You Panic?

Is it finally going to happen?

Photo: melancholija

Should you panic? The experts say no, but the experts don’t understand just how close you’ve been cutting it lately, how you’ve been keeping so many balls in the air without even considering how you’re going to get away with it should any of them drop, how you spend your evenings drinking yourself into a stupor because it’s the only thing that will silence that insistent, nagging voice in your head that tells you it’s all going to come crashing down and in spite of the promise you once showed and the seemingly bright future ahead of you and the way you’ve always managed to pull through in the past, the world doesn’t work that way anymore: It’s now a cold and uncaring place where even those with the best intentions will avoid you out of fear that whatever bad luck you’ve accumulated is somehow catching, and those with the best intentions are few and far between; in reality, you’re mostly surrounded by people with bad intentions, people who draw joy from your failure and are just waiting for any sign of weakness to pounce so that they can better their own positions at your expense. Your last good day was a while back, and what’s worse is you didn’t know it then; you weren’t able to properly appreciate just how fortunate you were. But you’re going to appreciate it now, because the future is so bleak and full of fear that even the most mundane moments of your past will seem like some magical idyll. So should you panic? It’s your call, but I am sorry to say that it’s not going to make much of a difference either way.