Shopping for Men: The New Yorker's Complete (and Catty) Guide

Today, Patricia Marx goes shopping with men in the New Yorker! (Yes, subscription-only, so, sadtrombone.wav.) The whole thing is a really quite largely useful guide for men who are baffled and scared, from Brooks Brothers to Bergdorf Mens’ Store to 20 Peacocks (although just don’t even go in that Ralph Lauren store, gross), and you should note that Ms. Marx’s male friend really ought to have bought the blue Zegna suit at Bergdorfs, it’s gorgeous. But here is the most relevant passage to our interests. The Tom Ford store on Madison Ave. is America’s greatest shopping treature! I bet it was that haughty Russian shopboy Nikolai! No, but seriously: if you can’t fit into his fascist shirts, you’re definitely not going to fit into the fall sweaters. Get a nice tie.