Martha's Vineyard: Trailer Trash Since 1642

“1921 Upon learning that President Calvin Coolidge had been out of Washington on vacation in Marion, Ohio, for a week, Dorothy Parker’s less clever sister is reported to have remarked, ‘How could they tell?’”
 — Since everyone is FREAKING OUT about Barack Obama going to Martha’s Vineyard on vacation, here is a brief history of Presidential vacations. The best is that everyone’s all upset about how ELITIST his vacation choices are. The dude grew up in HAWAII. And also, it’s not like he owns a 1500-acre ranch in Texas? Also am I going to be the one to point out that Martha’s Vineyard, much like Cape Cod, is pretty much populated by white trash who’ve just been here a few hundred years longer than most of the rest of us? (Oh apparently I am.) I mean, these people were whalers! And angry white people! They almost seceded from Massachusetts!