Girls, "Vomit"

Everyone knows you can’t dust for vomit. But, man, Pink Floyd’s fingerprints are all over this new song from the wonderful San Francisco band, Girls. (I know that metaphor is sort of backwards, since the thief, or “borrower,” leaves his or her fingerprints on the thing they stole from somebody else, rather than vice versa, but for chronological reasons, it doesn’t make sense to set it up that way.) You can hear very distinct elements of two different eras of Pink Floyd music here.

I know mentioning this will be fodder for our friends who bemoan Girls frontman Christopher Owens as just another “deep dude in the dorm who’s just so, like, misunderstood.”

But we should also point out that this particular type of cribbing has been done before. It’s well documented.

I however will continue to love Christopher Owens and Girls, regardless. I really like the song. And I can’t wait ’til the whole new album, Father, Son, Holy Ghost, comes out next month.