Gap is Very Obsessed With Denim

by Awl Sponsors

A lot of really random stuff happens in Los Angeles, tucked away, in a warehouse on West Pico Blvd, a little bit west of downtown LA, where there is a group of likeminded, creative people working on the newest products for the Gap 1969 line.

It looks a lot like what you would think it would look like, rebellious types who are well dressed and working away in a creative environment. They’re the seemingly disaffected youth type that most people ascribe the term “hipster” to, sometimes, but not always, as a pejorative. If they lived in New York, people who lived in Manhattan would probably assume they lived in Brooklyn, and it’s exactly these sorts of people that the Gap, the company formerly most popularly known for khakis, has enlisted for this new line.

What are these clothes? Well, there’s a picture of some right there (see above), but also you can see more, and learn more about the Gap 1969 studio, at the Gap 1969 Facebook page.