Bill Clinton Will Always Seem Younger Than 65

William Jefferson Clinton, a man who left office under a cloud of scandal and with the derision of those on the left of his party who thought that he was too politically expedient and quick to compromise on sacred Democratic ideals but who now invoke his name as the kind of tough negotiator who would totally stand up to the opposition and protect our cherished social safety net, turns 65 today. I would say that 15 years from now those people will have the same false nostalgia for Barack Obama, but 15 years from now we will all be living in holes and running from fires and begging the rich people to enslave us just so we can enjoy the protections of their walled cities, so we will probably have a bunch of other stuff on our minds. Anyway, happy birthday, vegan president. Enjoy that Social Security while it lasts.

Photo by Anthony Correia, via Shutterstock