America: Teaching Young People What Is Up!

Here is the most dramatic quote you will read in the newspaper today, from the organizer of a summer camp for girls that teaches them how awesome “manufacturing” is: “Not letting your children learn the hands-on component of the theory of science is killing us as a nation. You have to stop giving kids books and start giving them tools.”

Yes, books are destroying America’s girls. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m all into girls learning to make things! It’s just… let’s say, complicated. Since the public schools already funnel students into “white collar” and “worker” channels at an early age.) In other news, the story of how the State Department’s summer cultural exchange program dumped visiting college students — many of whom are enrolled in “medical and engineering graduate schools” — into harsh assembly-line jobs at a Hershey’s plant is hilarious: “In a meeting at the plant last week, which a student recorded on a mobile phone, a manager advised them they could be fired and the council might send them back home if they engaged in a protest.” Welcome! Now you’ve got a through education in USA! USA! I think we can find a solution here. Just shove the girls in Hershey’s camps and have the foreigners make all our lampshades.